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Forestry Planning Network


Strategic planning in forestry is becoming more complex in the context of globalization and the increasing interconnectedness of different economies. Necessarily this requires that strategic planning pursues a broader approach, capturing the larger picture of change at the regional and global levels and adopt a more analytical evidence-based approach. The establishment of a regional platform was recommended in order to strengthen strategic planning, share information, discuss new developments that could impact forests and forestry, learn from each other’s experience and strengthen the institutional capacity for strategic planning. This regional platform is the Forestry Planning Network (FPN). 



The goal of the FPN is to strengthen economy-level forestry planning processes in Asia-Pacific economies, through building a vibrant network of strategic planners and policymakers who share experience and knowledge, assess emerging opportunities and challenges that impact forests and forestry, and provide mutual support in strengthening institutional and individual capacity in forestry strategic planning.  



a. To enhance networking, knowledge exchange and communications among planners and policymakers in the Asia-Pacific region, with the focus on strengthening forestry strategic planning capabilities, improving planning processes and increasing the effectiveness of strategic plans in the forestry sector.

b. To improve the availability and accessibility of information for strategic planners and policymakers, to improve forestry plans and planning processes and effectively respond to emerging opportunities and challenges in the forestry sector.

c. To strengthen the knowledge, capacity and ability of forestry planning institutions and individuals at the economy level, to improve forestry plans and planning processes in the forestry sector.  

Target groups

Forestry sector planners and policy makers in the Asia-Pacific region.  


Forestry Planning workshops

APFNet, in collaboration with FAO and other partners, organized two Forestry Planning workshops in 2013 and 2014 in Rotorua, New Zealand and Phnom Penh, Cambodia respectively to share various issues relating to strategic planning and to explore what needs to be done to strengthen national level planning capacity. Both the workshops recommended the establishment of a regional platform to strengthen strategic planning, especially to share information and experience and to pursue issues of common interest. Building on the recommendations of the previous workshops, the third Asia-Pacific Forestry Planning Workshop from 18 to 19 January 2017 in Bangkok aimed to concretize the idea of a regional network, outlining how we may develop such a network and what kind of activities may be pursued to support national level strategic planning in the forest sector. The workshop also decided to conduct researches on forestry planning situation in Asia-pacific region, and to learn more about the requirements of economies in terms of strengthening the forestry strategic planning.