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Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation Fund (APFNet Fund)

The Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation Fund (APFNet Fund) was approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in July 2013 as a non-public fund based in Beijing. As a branch of APFNet, the APFNet Fund aims to solicit contributions for APFNet activities to promote sustainable forest management and rehabilitation in Asia and the Pacific.


As a non-public funding source, the APFNet Fund is mainly financed by:

1. Financial support from the government;

2. Voluntary contributions by civil society organizations, enterprises, institutes and individuals;

3. Existing capital; and

4. Increases in asset value.



1. Contribute to the achievement of the inspirational goal of increasing forest cover in the region by at least 20 million hectares of all types of forests by 2020;

2. Help to enhance forest carbon stocks and improve forest quality and productivity by promoting rehabilitation of existing but degraded forests and reforestation and afforestation of suitable cleared lands in the region;

3.Help to reduce forest loss and degradation and their associated emissions of greenhouse gases by strengthening sustainable forest management and enhancing biodiversity conservation; and

4. Help to increase the socio-economic benefits of forests in the region.


The APFNet Fund conducts work in the following aspects:

1. Demonstration project: By supporting demonstration projects, APFNet Fund is dedicated to promoting and utilizing standard indicators and systems of sustainable forest management, developing motivate mechanism on community-participatory forest rehabilitation and sustainable management, promoting establishment of partnership between public and private sector.

2. Capacity building: APFNet Fund supports training program on technology and policy discussion on forest rehabilitation, sustainable management and forest carbon sink monitoring, assisting members of APFNet to develop best practices and guidance.

3. Policy dialogue: APFNet Fund organizes policy dialogues to enhance practical and political consensus of forest rehabilitation, sustainable management and preventing deforestation among members, providing platform for experts from other organizations and stakeholders to express advice and suggestions on sustainable forest management and implementation of policy guidance.

4. Information sharing: By establishing the website, APFNet Fund encourages experience sharing and technology transfer on forest rehabilitation, sustainable management, preventing deforestation, increasing carbon sink and contributing to environmental friendly society.

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