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Mid-Term Evaluation of APFNet Project "Demonstration of Sustainable Upland Agrof


Cinnamomum Osmophloeum Seedlings were Measured at Kalala Study Site

An independent evaluation expert team visited Chinese Taipei on 24-28 October 2012 for mid-term evaluation of the APFNet Project “Demonstration of Sustainable Upland Agroforestry Systems in Chinese Taipei”. The evaluation is hoped to provide an overall assessment of the project progress and an opportunity to critically assess administrative and technical strategies and issues.

The Mid-Term Evaluation has been undertaken by a desk study, selected site visits and stakeholders interviews. Up to date, the project is progressing well. Five study sites were established in Pinglin, Kalala, Lushan ,Lienhuachih and Yuchi). Seedling nursing and interplanting had been finished by the third quarter. 

During the visit, the team also joined the Workshop on the Sustainable Upland Agroforestry Management, which was one of the key activities of the mid-term evaluation mission, and exchanged views on research findings and learned experiences of the agroforestry ecosystem management.

The project of “Demonstration of Sustainable Upland Agroforestry Systems in Chinese Taipei”, implemented by Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI), aims to explore the demonstration of innovative agroforestry systems in preventing the destructive landslides and massive surface erosions on cultivated uplands within two years. The total budgets is 537,000$, among which 400,000$ is granted by APFNet.