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APFNet releases comprehensive guidance on communications -- The APFNet Communica

26 May 2016 - APFNet has officially released the first edition of its Communication Guide, which provides general guidance and good practices for communication, visibility and dissemination (CV&D) activities for all projects, programs and mechanisms.

The purpose of the guide is to assist APFNet project and program managers to develop and implement effective communication strategies, and share knowledge and lessons learned with target audiences.



Two of the winning photo competition entries as part of the communication training for executing agencies in Bangkok. The session also included guidance on writing photo captions.

Executive Director of the APFNet Secretariat Mr. Qu Guilin highlighted the need for the organization to strengthen communication efforts. “Effective communication is essential for sharing knowledge and lessons learned with stakeholders,” he said. “In the future, new project proposals will require a CV&D component and ongoing projects should also aim to incorporate CV&D into their activities.”

The APFNet Secretariat will work closely with project executing agencies to develop and implement communication activities going forward, he added.

The guide includes information on how to develop communication strategies, identify target audiences, write key messages and share information in the form of publications, news and photographs. It also provides templates and examples of common communication tools.

To boost the guide’s uptake and build communication skills, APFNet and RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests organized two communication trainings in 2015 for the APFNet Secretariat (Beijing, October 2015) and project executing agencies (Bangkok, November 2015). The trainings also collected feedback for further revision to the guide.

The guide was developed over the course of a year with the involvement of experienced forestry writers and experts. It was endorsed by the APFNet Council and approved by the Board this month.

The APFNet Communication Guide can be accessed at: