Capacity Building
Asia-Pacific Thematic Training Greater Central Asia Thematic Training Trainers in Forestry (TIF) Network

Launched in 2008, the initial theme of the APFNet thematic training program was “Forest resource management”, which was followed by the second theme of “Forestry and livelihood development” one year later. The thematic trainings are held twice a year, and both themes were repositioned in 2016 as “Forest rehabilitation and management” and “Forestry and livelihood development”. Through expert lectures, group discussions and field studies, the trainings have helped participants improve their knowledge and skills in sustainable forest management. The trainings cover topics including forest tenure, sustainable resource management, agro-forestry and climate change. From 2008 to 2017, 335 forestry officials and managers from over 20 economies have participated in 20 training workshops.

In cooperation with the Southwest Forestry University of China and APFNet, the APFNet Kunming Training Center (APFNet-KTC) was established on 12 November 2012. The partnership strengthened the design, structure and overall quality of thematic trainings. While initial trainings were held in Kunming, China (where the training center is based), training locations have expanded to economies outside of China since 2015. The Asia-Pacific Thematic Trainings have been highly successful in facilitating in-depth exchanges among member economies. A number of reports and publications have been developed based on the discussions and outcomes of the trainings.

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