The Batch of 2012



Study in Beijing and what we have learned…



In the very first time in China, I faced many difficulties in communication because of my poor in Chinese language. Even though the teachers in language classes are young, they are very clever and patient in learning Chinese to understand easily for the foreign students. Gradually, I am very familiar with the people and their language; that I can release my pressures in living foreign economy. Moreover, I can study and practice two languages in here, Chinese in language classes and English in major classes. The teachers in all the lectures in major class are very precious for me, so that I can build up more knowledge in Forestry. Above all, I would like to say my thanks to BFU and all of my Chinese teachers and friends.

--Ei Sandi Sett(Myanmar)

I have gained knowledge about temperate forest management and the forest tenure system that has been applied in China and other forestry systems. My supervisor and also my Chinese friends are really helpful.

--Digambar Singh Dahal(Nepal)

Field study and Forestry Practiceof China




When I took Forest Policy class Prof. KeShui Fa 1 year ago, I do not understand about the Chinese community forests. After the field trips I was able to understand, both advantages and disadvantages. I hope be useful for community forest management in Indonesia. APFNet hopefully be successful in their projects and useful for many people. Hopefully we can also be invited again to another province. Thank you, APFNet!

--ArifSulfiantono (Indonisa)

During the excursion, I had chance of close to nature plantation management system of Forest Farm, community co-management system and also can learn a lot of ideal and technical measures of forest management system in China. We have visited 1965 larch plantation (farm forest) in HouAoBao Forest in InnerMongolia. Total area is 40.0 ha. Plantations are managing only for timber and seed production. Undergrowth is very healthy but rabbit and jackal are found. Hopefully, in future students will come to learn more knowledge.

--AZM Hasanur Rahman (Bangladesh)

Memorable Activities and Unique Culture Experience



After two years studying and researching in Beijing Forestry University, I have completed my dissertation under the guidance and the support of many people. I would like to express my wholeheartedly acknowledge to BFU, School of Forestry as well as APFNet for providing full financial support during the two years.

--Nguyen Trong Minh(Vietnam)  

All the time I confronted with difficulties while living and studying in Beijing. I think it was a really useful and valuable experience in studying abroad. Finally I was able to overcome the obstacle. Definitely, there were not only difficulties, but there are so many bright and pleasant moments which are happened with me. I got acquainted with a lot of interesting people from all over the world, learned different facts about China and its culture and history.


There were not only difficulties, but there are so many bright and pleasant moments. I got acquainted with a lot of interesting people from all over the world, learned different facts about China and its culture and history. I would like to say I really appreciate and value all the time of study in China and never forget it.

-- SuwannakumSiriluck (Thailand)

We Graduated….


Being an international student from Vietnam, I have some feeling about the good conditions of studying at BFU after 2 years when I have been here. I have studied and worked at some other universities so I had impressions about the atmosphere of studying in BFU. Firstly, teachers are so kind and friendly. They work very enthusiasm and create the best conditions for students, especially for the international students. Moreover, with their attitude being nice and friendly, BFU makes good inspirations for studying so learning processing is very quality. Secondly, the studying environment is very good and accommodated. BFU has a wide and clean campus which is so comfortable and favorable for studying and living. As a result of preparing activities for students such as sports and arts, students who study in BFU have opportunities to improve their knowledge and health.

--Nguyen TrongMinh(Vietnam)

I would like to express my greatest thankfulness to the committee of my master program. Especially, the Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet), which granted me the scholarship program to pursue my Master’s degree at Beijing Forest University (BFU).

--Khambay KHAMPHILAVONG (Laos)

I would like to thank APFNet for this great opportunity and for help us during these two years of study. It is a really good chance for us to learn Chinese culture, language and the knowledge of forestry. Now I am much better confident than before.

-- SuwannakumSiriluck (Thailand)