APFNet Information Center Established in CAF


The opening Ceremony for the Information Center of Asia-Pacific Forest Rehabilitation and Sustainable Management Network (APFNet) was held at Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) today. Mr. Zhu Lieke, Vice Minister of the State Forestry Administration (SFA), and Prof. Zhang Shougong, President of CAF attended the ceremony for the establishment of the Information Center of Asia-Pacific Forest Rehabilitation and Sustainable Management Network. Mr.Qu Guilin, General Director of International Cooperation Department, SFA, presided over the opening ceremony.

“Since APFNet was launched, it got a popular acclaim in response to global climate change and sustainable forest management at home and abroad. We should make full use of the platform of Information Center and APFNet website. The relevant organizations should pay more attention to improve website development, maintenance and promotional efforts, to strengthen the follow-up database development, to integrate continuously information resources in a better organized way at home and abroad, and to take new flexible ways and measures to promote the website so as to enhance influence of the network and attract more people concerning about the forest” Mr. Zhu said.

Mr. Zhu Lieke visited the Information Center accompanied by Prof. Zhang Shougong. The progress of the Website development was reported and the webpage was presented on the site presented by the expert from the Center.

The development and operation of the website was guided and supported by APFNet and conducted by CAF, by setting up a project team for web design, computer equipments and the information collections. The website was officially launched in September 2008.

The website was fully supported by the CAF in the respects of the web equipments, office conditions and human resources. CAF upgraded the project team as the "Information Center of Asia-Pacific Forest Rehabilitation and Sustainable Management Network." The Center will do a better job to integrate information resources so as to service APFNet to achieve its mission to strengthen the regional cooperation and promote sustainable forest management and rehabilitation so as to contribute the climate change mitigation.