Meeting held between APFNet and TNC/RAFT for 2010 cooperation


APFNet and TNC/RAFT began 3-year cooperation in 2009 and have made remarkable progress in building regional capacity to promote sustainable forest managements.

On 14 January 2010,  Deputy Director of General of APFNet Secretariat for discussing APFNet-RAFT cooperation in 2010.

During the meeting, Mr. WANG praised the APFNet-RAFT collaboration in 2009 and briefed priority areas of the APFNet work plan in 2010, including APFNet development, pilot projects design and implementation as well as capacity building programmes in Asia Pacific, and hoped supports from RAFT would continuously assist to strengthen capacity in the region. Mr. Hurd introduced RAFT progress and agreed the close cooperation between APFNet and TNC/RAFT would definitely help achieve the joint goal of improving sustainable forest management in the region.

In 2010, APFNet and TNC/RAFT will cooperatively carry out the activities as follows:  

  1. To follow up the Training Workshop on Methods, Tools and Skills for Promoting Legal and Sustainable Forest Management and Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region held in 2009 to improve future training in capacity building by collecting the views of participants and compiling APFNet publications based on its outcomes;

  2. To co-host a symposium for forest deans in the region, with an aim to   have university/college curriculum reformed to benefit future foresters;

  3. To co-organize a small-scale brain storming meeting centered on the  development of the APFNet;

  4. TNC/RAFT will further provide technical/financial support for Mekong River symposium and training workshops to be held under APFNet.