APFNet and Forestry Faculty of UBC Collaboratively Explore Further Cooperation

On 22 October 2016, Mr. Zhao Shucong, Chair of APFNet Board of Directors met with Dr. John Innes, Dean of the Faculty of Forestry of the University of British Columbia (UBC). The two sides looked back the cooperation between APFNet and UBC since 2010 and explored fields for further cooperation at the next phase.

Mr. Zhao highly appreciated UBC Faculty of Forestry’s effort in promoting regional cooperation on forestry education and in research on the role of forests in combating climate change. He also expressed gratitude for UBC to provide opportunities for APFNet secretariat staff for further study. Regarding the cooperation at the next step, Mr. Zhao hoped UBC and APFNet work together to disseminate the results of the project of Innovative Forestry Education in the Asia-Pacific region to more universities in the region.

27 oct

Mr. Zhao Shucong, Chair of APFNet Board met Dr. John Innes, Dean of the Faculty of Forestry of UBC

Dr. Innes thanked the support from APFNet for funding several projects implemented by UBC. He confirmed that UBC Faculty of Forestry would fully leverage the role of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism to seek synergy towards better forestry education and cultivate talents for the forest sector in the region.

The two sides also exchanged the views on the common concerns.