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Forest-water linkages to be highlighted at the World Forestry Congress 2015

31 August 2015, Foresteurope news - Around 80% of the world's population live in areas where the availability and quality of water resources are insecure.  At the same time, forests play a fundamental role in the hydrological cycle.  They influence the amount and quality of water available and reduce water-related risks (floods, droughts, landslides...).

In a world where water resources are under increasing pressure and where adaptation to climate change can no longer be ignored, the close connections between forests and water need to be underlined and moved up in the international agenda, so that action to improve the situation is taken.

Running beside the XIV World Forestry Congress (WFC), the International Forests and Water Dialogue will give a boost to this issue.  Co-organized by FAO, IUFRO, the World Agroforestry Centre and the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), and with additional organizational support from many other partners, it will take place on 8-9 September 2015.

As a conclusion of the event and of the work over the last two years of a group of experts and partner organizations and processes from around the world, FOREST EUROPE among them, a five-year Forests and Water Action Plan will be launched.  The aim of this plan is to coordinate, support and increase international and national action on forest-water linkages in science, policy, economics and forest practices.

The outcomes and key messages of the International Forests and Water Dialogue will be also presented at a side event to be held on 11 September, from 12.45 to 14:15 hours, in meeting room 22DEF at the WFC venue.