Bringing new generation and new horizon for forestry together

—— APFNet Scholarship Alumni Sharing Session


In celebration of APFNet 10th Anniversary, Conference on Forest Rehabilitation in the Asia-Pacific Region and Associated Meetings was organized during 26-28 March, 2018 at China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing, China. On 26th March, 2018, APFNet scholarship alumni sharing session – “New Horizons for Forestry”, was held as a side event during the conference.



By the end of the year 2017, 46 officials and academics have already graduated and they are working for governments or international organizations, or continuing their doctoral study around the world. On the occasion of APFNet’s 10th anniversary, 3 alumni were invited back to share their experiences after graduation, what they have learnt through APFNet Scholarship program (ASP) and how the experiences have changed or influenced either their career or life.


Many graduated students work in the field of forestry in their economies to motivate people for forest conservation and giving their valuable insights and knowledge for future development of their economies. Mr. Mohammad Rahmat Ullah, from Bangladesh, is one of them. Currently he is doing his Ph.D. in the University of Sydney, Australia to research on the effect of drought on soil microorganisms in Australian grasslands. 

Ms. Iqtie Qamar Laila, Senior Assistant Director of Forest Enforcement Division at Pahang State Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, shared her story about how things gained during her study in Beijing helped her to become one of very few female forest enforcers. As a forest enforcer, she could hold a gun with valid gun license and defense equipment, and she had caught 26 forest offenders in Pahang State, a great achievement in her life. Another alumna Ms. Kemly Ouch works at Forestry Administration of Cambodia. After graduation, she got an offer from United Nation Development Program (UNDP) as a Young Professional Officer, which was a very competitive post in Cambodia. Then she worked in RECOFTC in Bangkok and then moved back to be an officer in Forestry Administration of Cambodia. She talked about how she has become more mature and positive because of ASP and she said “To me, I could see much growth on myself and I am proud of who I am.”







Their stories inspired currently enrolled students and all together they are part of new generation of forestry sector in the Asia-Pacific region. Their experiences prove that ASP is not only supporting individuals, but more importantly, a contribution to build the capacity of the next generation in the Asia-Pacific region. Ms. Tsend-Ayush, Munkhzul, the 2017 batch of ASP student said “I was inspired by their experiences and I think other students share the same feeling with me that new horizons for forestry has been set in the Asia Pacific region.”


APFNet Scholarship program was initiated in 2010 and as of now ASP is cooperating with four host universities, Beijing Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University and Inner Mongolia Agriculture University. ASP has supported more than 100 forestry officials and academics from 18 developing economies to pursue their postgraduate degree in forestry and its related fields by the end of year 2017.

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