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Enhancing ecosystem services from rehabilitated forests, using the Policy Learning Protocol and the Pathway of Influence Framework
02 Sep 2021     


Enhancing ecosystem services under forest transition: Using the Policy Learning Protocol and the Pathway of Influence Framework



Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Kyoto University



Renmin University

Soeul National University



China, Laos, Korea, Japan



24 months, November 2017 to October 2019



The project goal is to enhance the provision of forest ecosystem services under the process of forest transition. Project teams will characterize recovery of forest ecosystem services (FES) during forest transition, quantify demand and actual benefits from FES and causally link forest rehabilitation and forest and land use policies to FES provision.



  1. Recovery of FES during the process of forest transition are characterized in selected regions in China and Laos

  2. Demand and actual benefits derived from FES by multiple user groups related to the process of forest transition are characterized

  3. Forest rehabilitation practices, and forest and land use policies are causally linked to FES provision under forest transition

  4. Knowledge models and policy decision making tools are developed that represent FES recovery under forest transition and possible future trends in FES recovery as a function of forest rehabilitation interventions, forest policies and wider land use policies



The location to be selected in China is Fujian province. In the province two possible locations are considered: Changting county and Yongan county. Fujian is coastal semi-tropical province still fairly well covered with forests.  It has a range of forest types, from tropical forests to temperate climatic forests types. The province has an intensive commercial forest sector and it has experienced important forest rehabilitation efforts. The two counties possibly selected for the project are about 3000 km2 in total area, and contain both areas of natural forests and important areas of rehabilitated forests. Renmin University has considerable experience in working in Fujian province, which will provide a head start when implementing the project.


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