APFNet's “Multi-functional Experiment and Training Base” has been designated as an on-site learning base by National Forestry and Grassland Administration, China
On 20 September, 2019, National Academy of Forestry and Grassland (NAFG) of China, the Government of Kalaqin Qi, Inner Mongolia and APFNet have signed a tripartite agreement to jointly facilitate the development of APFNet's “Multi-functional Experiment and Training Base”. NAFG designated the Experiment and Training Base as one of their on-site learning bases.

Trainings and workshops will be hosted at the training base to showcase the successful experiences of
APFNet's “Multi-functional Experiment and Training Base” in the management of multi-functionalforestry,
including sustainable management of the forest, Eco-tourism, forest therapy, sustainable use of non-wood forest products
and community forestry.