Building back better with the explorations in online, digital, and technology-based forestry education
The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated innovation within the education sector all around the world. The sudden shift from classroom teaching in many parts of the planet during the COVID-19 has meant dramatic changes in forestry education, including the increase of e-learning, suspended field research and study, and teaching is done remotely and on digital platforms. It’s certain that even after the pandemic finishes many things will never be equivalent to before. That’s why discussions about “build back better” have been rising in every field.

Since 2016 APFNet has been funding and supporting comprehensive academic online Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) learning program under the Asia-Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism (APFECM), in partnership with five universities – the University of British Columbia, Beijing Forestry University, the University of Melbourne, University of Putra Malaysia and therefore the University of the Philippines Los Banos – to create capacity within the Asia-Pacific. Based on studies conducted alongside the delivery of a series of online courses in SFM, the Faculty of Forestry UBC and partner universities did the case study on “International collaboration on a sustainable forest management OER online program”. This study showed that the integration of online technology, content, and pedagogy is efficient appreciation to producing new teaching and learning environment in higher forestry education. Although there are some courses and subjects not suitable for now to learn remotely, the case study suggested that joint effort of sufficient preparation for course development, financial, instructional, and technical supports with the team-based approach will strengthen the longer-term explorations in online, digital, and technology-based forestry education. 

The sustainable forest management online course link: SFM Online Courses | Asia Pacific Forestry Education