Boosting local livelihoods through participatory watershed management in Indonesia 2021 report
In 2017, the Watershed Management Technology Center (WMTC), under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia, submitted a project proposal to APFNet to develop participatory community management of the micro catchment, emphasizing soil and water conservation. The project which was in action at the Naruan Micro Catchment, upstream of Keduang Watershed in the Bengawan Solo Upper Watershed was completed in 2019. From the monitoring and evaluation of the project, it’s concluded that the project was influenced community perceptions about the importance of sustainable land management, and a participatory watershed management plan that involves all stakeholders from the local to the national level. In addition to that this project has demonstrated the shift from crop farming to agroforestry. Local farmers continued those good practices gained during the project implementation and now planning to expand.  
Although the project was completed, the impacts of sustainable watershed management will continue. This project will inspire more farmers to apply agroforestry practices and soil and water conservation techniques so that the whole community feels the benefit, which will make this project impact sustained.     

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