The Sixth Meeting of the APFNet Council Held Online
The Sixth Meeting of the APFNet Council was conducted online successfully on 25 May 2022. About 40 representatives from 19 member economies and organizations, one observer and the Secretariat attended the meeting.

Dr. Preecha Ongprasert, the Chair of the APFNet Council, 
opened and hosted the meeting
Dr. Preecha Ongprasert, the outgoing Chair of the APFNet Council, hosted the meeting and expressed his appreciation to members for their support in the last six years. Dr. Lu De, the APFNet Executive Director, briefed members on implementation of the Secretariat’s work in 2021 as well as APFNet’s work plan and budget 2022. Based on Dr. Lu’s highlights, members were invited to comment on the progress of the APFNet-funded projects.

Dr. Lu De gave an overview of the work of APFNet
in 2021 and an introduction of the work plan in 2022

The meeting was completed all the planned agenda with decisions adopted as follows:
a. Five nominees from Cambodia, China, Canada, Malaysia, and Nepal were selected as new Board Directors of APFNet; 
b. The Council reviewed Reports of APFNet’s work in 2021 and adopted APFNet's proposed work plan in 2022;
c. The Council approved Chile’s membership application; 
d. Two officers of the APFNet Council were elected. Dr. Sokh Heng, Director of the Institute of Forest and Wildlife Research and Development in Cambodia will serve as the new Chair, and Mr. Tirso Parian Jr., Director of Forest Management Bureau in the Philippines will take the position of the new Vice-Chair of the Council; and 
e. The Seventh Council Meeting will be hosted by the Philippines in 2023 if  the rules concerning COVID will
 allow an in-person meeting.
Group photo of the Sixth Meeting of the APFNet Council