Announcement: Call for Projects 2023
APFNet is launching a Call for Projects to identify project proposals for its Demonstration Projects. Since 2010, APFNet has been exploring and demonstrating good practices for forest restoration and management through these projects, showcasing forest management models that promote community involvement, and balanced development between the local livelihood and ecosystem conservation.
Project Priorities
To align with the priorities set out in the APFNet Strategic Plan (2021-2025), proposed projects should focus on one of the following areas:
· The multifunctional restoration of degraded forests through assisted natural regeneration and natural regeneration.
· The multifunctional restoration of deforested lands through forest planting.
· The improved management of remaining non-degraded forests using best practices in SFM to minimize further forest loss and degradation.
How to apply
To apply for the projects, the following documents are required to be submitted:
· A completed Project Concept Note, using the provided template.
· An Endorsement Letter signed by the APFNet Council Representative of the project target economy.
· An introduction to the proponent agency should also be included in the application package.
Please submit these documents in electronic form, preferably in Word and PDF.Upon confirmation of receipt, the proponent may mail the original copy to the Secretariat.
The call is open from the 10 March 2023 until the 31 May 2023. The application package should be submitted to before the deadline. Early submission is recommended.
Please note that a counterpart contribution of at least 20% of the total project cost is required. Proponents should ensure that the 20% has been secured before submitting the application package.
Contact information and mailing address
Ms. Mei Xuerong (
Planning Division
APFNet Secretariat
6th Floor, Building A, Baoneng Center, 12 Futong Dongdajie, Chaoyang, Beijing 100102, P.R. China
Tel: +86-10-8421 5616 or +86-10-6600 7866 ext. 8006
Fax: +86-10-8421 6958
More information about the Call for Projects, please refer to Project Application Guidelines.