The Seventh Meeting of the APFNet Council Held in Manila, the Philippines
The Seventh Meeting of the APFNet Council was successfully held on 26-27 April 2023 in a hybrid format, with the host of the Forest Management Bureau, Department of Environment and Natural Resource of the Philippines. A total of 25 representatives from 18 member economies and organizations attended the meeting, including 18 representatives participating in the on-site meeting in Manila.

Photo 1: Dr Sokh Heng hosted the Council Meeting
Dr Sokh Heng, Chair of the APFNet Council, opened and hosted the meeting. He remarked that it is the first meeting where APFNet Council representatives meet in person after the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. He then introduced the purpose of the Meeting is to inform members of APFNet's work and progress and provide an opportunity for communication.
Dr Lu De, the APFNet Executive Director, briefed members on APFNet’s work and the progress made in 2022, as well as an outline of the activities planned for 2023. Based on the reports received before the meeting and Dr Lu's highlights, members were invited to add comments or update the progress of their APFNet-funded activities. The Council recognized the efforts made by the Secretariat to keep the projects and programs on track despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo 2: The Council Meeting was held in a hybrid format
During the meeting, all delegates were invited to consider modification of the APFNet Operational Framework, discuss the appointment of the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors and renewal of the Project Appraisal Panel. Additionally, representatives from Cambodia and Myanmar made presentations to share progress from the implementation of APFNet-funded projects.

Photo 3: Council representatives visited Makiling Rainforest Park and Botanic Gardens on 27 April 2023