SANFRI embraces new opportunities

Hanoi witnessed the successful organization of the Fourth Steering Committee Meeting of SANFRI and the Third Early Career Academics Forum on 19th September 2023, by joint efforts of APFNet, Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS) and SANFRI Coordination Office (SCO) based in Yunnan Academy of Forestry and Grassland (YAFG). Representatives from eight SANFRI member institutes and 24 young scholars attended the events.
Figure 1: A group photo of representatives from the member institutes of SANFRI (Hoang Nguyen Viet Hoa/photo)

SANFRI Committee updated SANFRI guidelines, reviewed   SANFRI work and activities during 2022-2023and adopted the work plan for 2024-2025 through active discussion and upon consensus among all members.
Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) and the Research Center for Plant Conservation, Botanical Gardens and Forestry, BRIN of Indonesia were elected as the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee, and expressed their dedication to SANFRI activities during their term with APFNet support.
The Early Career Academics Forum featured mutual, inspiration, network sharing and cooperation among young forestry researchers. Presentations were made to share projects funded by APFNet Small Research Grant in 2023, i.e., a joint Research on Policies to Promote Natural Forest Restoration Towards Sustainability in Vietnam and Lao PDR, Tree Seed Supply Management Model and Policy for Supporting Forest and Landscape Restoration in Indonesia, and Documenting the insect natural enemies of insect pests in ex situ germplasm conservation of Aquilaria malaccensis. this was followed by ten presenters who shared information about their institutes, key research areas and working partners, and their research insights etc.
Figure 2 Prof. Zhong Mingchuan, YAFG President (left) and Prof.Dr. Vo Dai Hai, VAFS President(right)
signing a MoU regarding cooperation on forest biodiversity resources conservation. (photo/Sun Rui)