Initiated by APFNet, the Asia-Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism (AP-FECM), formerly known as the Forestry College Deans Meeting Mechanism in the Asia-Pacific Region, was proposed at the First Forestry College Deans Meeting in 2010 and formally established at the second meeting in 2011. As a regional forestry education cooperation and exchange platform, its purpose is to promote the development of forestry education in the Asia-Pacific region by strengthening cooperation and carrying out collaborative activities for promoting forest restoration and sustainable forest management (SFM) in the Asia-Pacific region.
Specific objectives
  • To provide a platform for exchanging academic information and sharing education resources among forestry institutions;
  • To promote innovation and reform in forestry education and share achievements; and
  • To improve overall capacity in SFM in the region.
Main tasks
  • Develop an appropriate model to train next-generation foresters who will be able to apply SFM knowledge to forest management practices;
  • Identify key problems and issues in forestry education through regular forestry education meetings and surveys; and
  • Seek cooperation and develop collaborative programs in areas of common interest that will promote forestry education on SFM.

Members of the Mechanism

AP-FECM is open to all universities, colleges and international/regional organizations in the region. By 2017, 45 universities and organizations in the Asia-Pacific region had been involved in AP-FECM activities and partnered with the mechanism. New members are welcome to join the AP-FECM in the future.
Executive Office
The Executive Office of the AP-FECM is currently hosted by the University of British Columbia, as the Chair of the Mechanism.
The Executive Office is responsible for developing close bonds with Steering Committee members, working with them on various projects and implementing decisions made by the Committee. The Executive Office also manages daily tasks, provides any necessary support for the development of APFNet and assists coordination and communication between Steering Committee members.

Steering Committee

University of British Columbia

University of California, Berkeley

Bogor Agricultural University

Putra University of Malaysia

Beijing Forestry University

Kyoto University

Vietnam National University of Forestry

University of Melbourne

Kasetsart University

University of the Philippines Los Baños

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