Project application

Project application guidelines

Project objectives should be closely related to the following priorities of APFNet:
  · Rehabilitating degraded forests and increasing forest cover.
  · Promoting sustainable forest management to enhance ecological functions and ecosystem security of forests.
  · Enhancing forests' contribution to socioeconomic development and improvement of local livelihoods.

Project design principles

Applicants shall follow the following principles when designing projects:
  1. Project design needs to be consistent with the aims and objectives of APFNet.
  2. Project design needs to be consistent with the forestry laws, regulations and strategic forestry plans of target economies.
  3. Project outcomes should bring ecological, social and economic benefits.
  4. Projects should encourage multi-stakeholder participation.
  5. Projects should improve the capacities of project stakeholders.

Project Categories

Demonstration projects
To demonstrate best practices in forestry and forest restoration that are economically viable.
Research and policy development projects
To enhance scientific forest-related knowledge or contribute to improving current forestry policies, strategies and technologies.
Capacity-building projects
To improve stakeholders’ capacities on aspects of planning, decision-making and implementation.

Funding guidelines

  1. Projects applying for funding of less than USD 100,000 can apply directly to the APFNet Secretariat for approval by the APFNet Executive Director. However, the proportion of these smaller projects is not higher than 10 percent of all newly-funded APFNet projects each year. In principle, projects for policy development and science and technology research can only apply for funding less than USD 100,000.
  2. Projects seeking funding in excess of USD 100,000 are assessed through the review and approval procedures of the APFNet project appraisal panel (Figure 1). Funding for two to three-year projects generally does not exceed USD 500,000.
  3. Following finalization of a project proposal, APFNet will consider APFNet’s financial status, regional balance of all projects, date of application and project proposal review score to confirm project start date.

Selection process

Project concept notes should be sent by sealed registered letter or express delivery (signed A4 hardcopy) and emailed (both word and PDF digital format) to the APFNet Secretariat (see the contact information below). The digital versions should be identical to the hardcopy original. All project concept notes need to be signed by project applicants and APFNet Council representatives in each economy.

Following recommendation by the project appraisal panel, the concept note can be developed into a project proposal and submitted together with an official letter signed by the Council representative to indicate that the project is supported by the forestry department of the project’s target economy.
Templates for project concept notes and proposals can be found in the APFNet manual for project identification, implementation and management. 

Figure 1. Selection process for projects seeking funding of more than USD 100,000


Project applications are accepted throughout the year.
Applications submitted before 30 April (before 17:00 Beijing time GMT+8) of each calendar year will be assessed in the year of application. Project applications submitted after 30 April will be assessed in the following year.

This process for project applications will remain valid until further notice. APFNet will no longer issue a call for projects each year, unless there is significant change.

Contact information and mailing address

Ms Liu Wei (
Planning and Evaluation Division
APFNet Secretariat
6th Floor, Building A, Baoneng Center, 12 Futong Dongdajie, Chaoyang, Beijing 100102, P.R. China
Tel: +86-10-8421 5616 or +86-10-6600 7866 ext. 8006
Fax: +86-10-8421 6958