Pilot projects are one of the important approaches for APFNet to assist developing economies in enhancing capacity, strengthening the communication and policy dialogue, sharing the information, and demonstrate the best practices of forest rehabilitation and sustainable forest management in Asia-Pacific region, which will ultimately contribute to environmental protecting and sustainable development of the economy and society.

Pilot projects shall pursue the APFNet objectives as follows:

  1. To promote forest rehabilitation, reforestation and afforestation in the region to contribute to the achievement of the aspirational goal of increasing forest cover in the APEC region by at least 20 million hectares of all types of forests by 2020;
  2. To strengthen sustainable forest management and improve forest quality in the region,including climate change mitigation and adaptation response and to increase carbon sequestration;
  3. To improve the productive capacity and socio-economic benefits of forest ecosystems and enhance biodiversity conservation in the region.