Our Governance Structure



The governance structure of APFNet has been evolving and formalized as the Board of Directors and the Council was established respectively in April 2015.

The Board of Directors provides general oversight of APFNet operations and makes decisions on major issues of APFNet. The Board is made up of 14 Directors, and except the ex-officio Directors, the rest of the Directors serve on the Board in their personal capacity.

The Council is an advisory body of APFNet and also a forum of exchange among APFNet members. The Council is composed of representatives from each member and meets once a year to provide advice for APFNet on strategic direction, policies and annual work plan.

The Project Appraisal Panel acts as the technical appraisal body of APFNet, reviewing and making recommendations to the Executive Director and the Board on the technical feasibility and suitability of project concept notes and project proposals for donors’ decision on APFNet funding.

The Secretariat is the administration and operational body which implements the strategies advised by the Council and adopted by the Board.

The diagram below illustrates the relationship among subsidiary bodies:

Our Governance Structure