Improved forest cover mapping by harmonizing multiple land cover products over China
Abstract: Fine resolution land cover products are becoming increasingly more available for many regions. These products, however, may not meet the quality requirements of many applications. This study provides an approach for improving land cover mapping by leveraging existing products and clear view Landsat composites. Assessments using independent reference datasets revealed that the CAF-LC30 2020 product derived using this approach over China was more accurate than four existing land cover products. Its overall accuracy with field observations was 2.94% to 10.28% higher than those of the four existing land cover products in northeast China and was 2.10% to 8.18% better across China. It provided a more accurate representation of the land cover types in many regions where the existing land cover products had large classification errors. Forest areas calculated using the CAF-LC30 2020 for the 31 provinces and autonomous regions and municipalities (PARM) in mainland China were better correlated with those reported by the most recent National Forest Inventory (NFI) survey than areas calculated using the other four existing land cover products. Therefore, the CAF-LC30 2020 product should be a better alternative for understanding China’s forests in 2020 than the other four existing land cover products.
Keywords: Land cover product; forest; integration; landsat; China
Authors: Shili Meng, Yong Pang, Chengquan Huang, Zengyuan Li
Journal Name: GIScience & Remote Sensing
Sponsoring Org.: APFNet
Publication Year: 2022
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