Adaptation of Asia-Pacific forests to climate change
Abstract: Climate change is a threat to the stability and productivity of forest ecosystems throughout the Asia- Pacific region. The loss of forests due to climate-induced stress will have extensive adverse impacts on biodiversity and an array of ecosystem services that are essential for the maintenance of local economies and public health. Despite their importance, there is a lack of decision-support tools required to evaluate the potential effects of climate change on Asia-Pacific ecosystems and economies and to aid in the development of regionally appropriate adaptation and mitigation strategies. The project Adaptation of Asia-
Pacific Forests to Climate Change, summarized herein, aims to address this lack of knowledge and tools and to provide support for regional managers to develop effective policy to increase the adaptive capacity of Asia-Pacific forest ecosystems. This objective has been achieved through the following activities: (1) development of a high resolution climate downscaling model, ClimateAP, applicable to any location in the region; (2) development of climate niche models to evaluate how climate change might affect the distribution of suitable climatic conditions for regionally important tree species; (3) development and
application of forest models to assess alternative management strategies in the context of management objectives and the projected impacts of climate change; (4) evaluation of models to assess forest fire risk and the relationship between forest fire and climate change; (5) development of a technique to assess ecosystem carbon storage using LiDAR; and (6) evaluation of how vegetation dynamics respond to climate change using remote sensing technology. All project outputs were developed with a focus on communication and extension to facilitate the dissemination of results to regional forest resource managers to support the development of effective mitigation and adaptation policy.
Keywords: Adaptation; Asia-Pacific; Climate change; Climate model; Ecological model
Authors: Guangyu Wang, Tongli Wang, Haijun Kang, Shari Mang, Brianne Riehl, Brad Seely, Shirong Liu,  Futao Guo, Qinglin Li, John L. Innes
Journal Name: Journal of Forestry Research
Sponsoring Org.: APFNet
Publication Year: 2015