Conference on Forest Rehabilitation in the Asia-Pacific Region and Associated Meeting
27 Feb 2020     From:
1. Visa 
Please check whether you need to obtain an entry visa to China from diplomatic or consular mission at your point of origin in advance of your trip before departure, and assure your passport is valid for 6 months at least. For official visits with official passports, visa application procedures are always required depending on your nationality. A letter of invitation for visa application from APFNet would be issued by request, please make it clear when filling in the registration form.

2. Time and Conference Venue 
26-28 March 2018, China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing China
Address: No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100105 China
Tel: + (00)86 10 8437 3300

3. Accommodation
APFNet-funded Accommodation
(1)China National Convention Center Grand Hotel (CNCC Hotel)
Address: Building 1, No. 8 Precincts, Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 10 8437 2008
 (2)InterContinental Beijing Beichen (for ministerial level official)
Address: No. 8 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District Beijing
Tel: +86-10-84371188
Self-funded accommodation
Self-funded participants are appreciated to book and pay for rooms directly.
4. Transportation from/to airport
Airport pick-up/drop-off will not be provided except VIP. Participants may consider taking taxi or subway from the Beijing International Airport to the hotel or conference venue.
Approximately 40min drive and the cost is around CNY100. Participants are suggested to print out the last page of the information note for detailed direction showing to the taxi driver.
Take the Airport Express Subway from the Beijing International Airport, and transfer at SANYUANQIAO station to line 10 (TAIYANGGONG direction), then 5 stations later transfer to line 8 at BEITUCHENG station (ZHUXINZHUANG direction), 2 stops later get off at the Olympic Green Park station (Exit A1). China National Convention Center Grand Hotel is around 600 meters at your left side. 
5. Registration

Date Venue Time Note
March 24th Lobby of CNCC Grand Hotel 3pm-6pm Only open to participants attending Council Meeting
March 25th Lobby of CNCC Grand Hotel 3pm-6pm Open to all
March 26th   Hallway at the 3rd floor of CNC        7:30-8:30am    Open to all;  Registration will move to the Secretariat/room305 after 10am  
For the identification and security reasons, all participants are requested to wear meeting badges always while at CNCC.

6. Meals   

Date                           Meal  CNCC
March   26th     Lunch   buffet/ Reception dinner           1st floor,   Multi-function Hall B 
March   27th Lunch   buffet      1st floor,   Multi-function Hall B 
March   28th Lunch   buffet      2nd   floor, room 206, room213     
For the reception dinner, each participant will be assigned a specific table. The table number can be found on the back of participant’s identification badge.

7. DSA Pick-up for funded participant
From 1pm to 4pm on March 26th, and 10am-11:30am on March 27th, funded participants can pick-up DSA at the Secretariat (Room 305 at CNCC) with showing the valid ID such as passport.

8. Signs of direction from Hotel to CNCC
Participant staying in CNCC Hotel can easily find the direction sign at the lobby: Following the signs along indoor walkway would make it easy to get the access to the 2nd floor of the CNCC (totally around 6-8 minutes’walk).
Participant staying in the Intercontinental Beijing Beichen Hotel can find the direction sign at the 2nd floor next to the elevator. The indoor walkway is connected to the 3rd floor of the CNCC (totally around 3 minutes’walk).

9.  Dress code
Business casual

10. Language
English (simultaneous interpretation is provided in plenary session)

11. APFNet Secretariat (3rd floor, room 305 at CNCC)
Please contact responsible secretariat staffs for registration and logistics.
Registration/Hotel room
Ms. Wang Qian
Cell: +86 13910060790; Email:
Ms. Zhuo Yufang
Cell: +86 18201056288; Email:
*Due to unpredictable reason, reserved hotel rooms have been cut a lot on March 28th. Most of funded participants will be rearranged hotel rooms or move to other hotels on March 28th. Participants are requested to check-out CNCC Hotel in the morning of March 28th before the session begin. Further specific notice will be sent to individuals later. The Secretariat apologize for any inconvenience.
Air Ticket
Ms. Han leilei
Cell: +86 15120072450; Email:

12. Other useful information
Only about 10-15 minutes’walk from CNCC hotel to:
  -  Olympic Forest Park
  -  Bird's Nest, Water Cube
  -  Sunk Square of Olympic Park ( Xin’ao Shopping Center, tons of choice for local restaurant, coffee store, and movie theater etc.)
Currency and money exchange
The monetary unit of China currency is CNY and the current exchange rate is approximately: USD 1 = CNY 6.5. Money exchange can be done at the airport and banks. Bank counters are open from 9:00 to 17:00. Passport is required for money exchange.  
Climate and temperate
Beijing has a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate, characterized by higher humidity in the summers due to the East Asian monsoon, and colder, windier, drier winters that reflect the influence of the vast Siberian anticyclone. At the end of March, it will be windy, dry and chilly. Temperature in March is 15 °C at the highest and 0 °C at the lowest. Coat is indispensable for outdoor activities.
Standard voltage is 220 volts in China.
A standard socket has two pins on the upper part and earthed three pins on the lower part. Make sure adaptor is available.
Emergency Numbers
Police 110 | Medical emergency 120 | Fire 119

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